Other Awards

Firewynd award

Thank you Firewynd, Recieved 11-8-98

Thank you, Arian Wolf
Received 8/12/98

Sunbeam Award

Thank you Bill Royle
Recieved 06/23/98

snowlion award

Thank you Dhondup Namgyal
Recieved 06/23/98

Cross Roads Award

Thank you to Raven Wolf
of The Cross Roads
Received 06/03/98


From the Lady, DianaDru

"Thank you for being you and sharing your passions with all of us! It is our honor to present you with the Lady's Award, Best of 1997 for being the Best in Pagan Spiritual Study."

GreyWing thanks DianaDru and is truly honored to recieve this award, recieved December 31, 1997

The Manor-House was featured in an issue (October/November) of Earth Star Magazine! This magazine is New England's Leading Holistic Magazine.
Greywing Thanks the author, Skye Alexander for her wonderful review of this site. Skye is also the author of Hidden Agenda, part of a "Magical Mystery Series", an intruiging tale of murder, magick, astrology and love. A wonderful mix that also teaches about Wicca.

AvatarSearch Mystic Site of the Web Award

Thank you Nin, Received October 3, 1997

Thankyou Jaz, Awarded for the Week of September 10, 1997

Thankyou FireWolf and FireDancer, Recieved September 13, 1997

Awarded for the Week of August 24, 1997

GreyWing Thanks the Celtic Connection, Received August 7, 1997

Thankyou to Leigh, Received July 31, 1997

GreyWing Thanks Nymue, Recieved for the Week of July 26, 1997

Thankyou Sebastian for the Award Received June 8,1997

Thankyou Red Deer and Elenya for the Award Received May 21, 1997

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