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Arachne's Web Bring a cup of tea and enjoy 450 links to Wiccan and Pagan sites

Blue Candle Home Page Healing page for all creatures of Mother Earth and Father Sky

The Witches League for Public Awareness Exactly what the name implies. A page to correct any misinformation about Witches

Green Pages General Pagan information, pages are constantly changing with information contributed by visitors

Laren's Place on the Web Witch craze links

Janet and Stuart Farrar Pagan Information Network Exchange, a magazine of articles, poetry and general information by the authors Janet and Stuart Farrar

Pandora's Pagan Page Home of Cauldrens and Broomsticks Magazine, all things pagan, on-lines study groups, book shop

The Witches' Voice News and education network. Modern concerns and witchcraft in the news.Extensive booklist.

Silver Threads Many links, e-zines, merchants, reference area

Witches Web of Days Reference for witches and pagans for segments of the Wheel of the Year

Circle in the Sand Formerly High Plains Pagan and Magick Page. Resources, music, health, environmental groups


The Herbal Encyclopedia Properties and uses of various healing herbs, herbal healing for pets

The Old Craft Homepage Remedies and folk medicine, tales and legends

Algy's Herb Page Herbs for beginners, indoor herb gardening, FAQ about spices, recipies

Herb Society Herb Society Home Page(U.K.).Includes spring sowing guide

Johnnyseeds Address to snail mail for catalog, and are working on an on-line catalog. Good inventory of culinary ,medicinal herbs, and flower seeds


Equinox Books and Occult SuppliesCustom incense,their speciality is books.

Crystal Sands,etc.A Pagan Playground> Alter supplies, books, articles, poetry and stories.

Other Interesting Places


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